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The Wins and Results We've Been Able to Help Consultants Gain Speak for Themselves
The Jumpstart Mastermind program from Duct Tape Marketing certainly gave me clarity about my lead generation approach as promised but it also gave me the needed confidence that I was on the right path to positioning my business and packaging my offerings. I definitely recommend it.  ~ Jamie Case
So, how do you get your ideal clients to find you?
Here’s the problem with being a marketing consultant. The majority of business owners don’t understand marketing, don’t understand strategy, and certainly don’t know how to tell a great consultant from a wanna-be consultant.

But you don’t want to work with the majority of business owners, you want to work with dream clients - the ones that value what you offer, see marketing as an investment rather than a cost, and are looking for that trusted advisor to help them grow their business.

The 3 Step Process for attracting dream clients


You have to be able to demonstrate how you’re different from everyone else who says they do what you do.


You have to learn to create engines that automatically attract dream clients while you’re sleeping.


You have to devise a repeatable process for successfully (and profitably) delivering results every single time.

Let us help you build and put this system to work for you.

Start June 22nd OR August 10th  - You Choose!

Your winning business strategy must

  • Be based on a winning point of view (pick a proven business model based on your unique ability and go all-in)
  • ​Clearly define who makes an ideal client (picking a niche from the start is not the answer)
  • ​Make competitors irrelevant (your core difference is so stunning they can’t simply shop price)
  • Perfect a lead engine (keeping your pipeline full is how you build momentum)
  • ​Approach lead conversion with a proven plan

That's exactly what you'll gain in this training mastermind.

Listen to the results from a current
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We have dozens of video testimonials just like this one that point to the phenomenal results consultants and agencies achieve following the Duct Tape Marketing methods 

Here’s how the program works

When you enroll you’ll join a cohort of 8-10 other consultants for a two-month deep-dive (either June or August) and mastermind style training.

The total goal of this program is to help you land high-paying retainer clients
This is just the start, we want you to join our full network program so we put everything into this program to help you land clients immediately so there's no question you'll want to become a full member.

What’s included in this 2 month program?

  •  You Choose Your Cohort: June or August 
  • ​4 core training lessons with assignments and worksheets
  • Unlimited email feedback and Q and A
  • ​2 group mastermind sessions with Duct Tape Team
  • ​Bonus: Video and resource library 
  • ​Ability to join future cohorts until you land a client

Training Topics

  • How to choose the perfect business strategy (Without the right model, the right client, the right core difference, you’re destined to compete on price = no thank you!)
  • ​How to build your lead generation engine (Without a repeatable attraction engine you’re left begging for tire kickers and time wasters)
  • ​How to map your lead conversion process (Stop sending proposals that never go anywhere and take control of how you convert dream clients)
  • ​How to turn your services into a product (This is how you create a highly profitable engagement that delivers stunning results every time.)
What would it mean to your business goals to start attracting clients that lined up to pay you $3-5,000 per month - month after month after month?
When you click below you'll be taken to a form to tell us a little about your goals and then we'll schedule a quick meeting to make sure this is a great mutual fit. There's no high pressure sales tactic here, we simply want to make sure you fully understand how the program works and let you ask all the questions you might have.
I was ecstatic at the opportunity to be part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Jumpstart Mastermind training course. The ideas generated by the group, the accountability for the assignments, and the real-world application of the work we did shaped an actionable plan which has already achieved results. The videos, step-by-step guides, community discussion board, and mastermind calls were masterfully designed and exceptionally well executed. I highly recommend! ~ Rich Cruz 
Start June 22nd OR August 10th - You Choose!